If you have these, please call: 508-921-3677.
Hello all you fellow gardeners! I didn't even get to use the heat mat I had this season because it clucked out at the beginning of the year and my seeds didn't do so well. So I'm hoping to find another here. I might as well be on the hunt for grow lights, too, so that I'll be prepared for next year. Will pick up. Thanks! :)
19-Sep-2018Fall River, MA+14 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for a food dehydrator. I live in Swansea
19-Sep-2018Fall River, MA+14 milesItems Wanted
Does anybody have a grow light set up that you don't need? How about a seedling heat mat? I am in need of both if you don't mind passing them on. Will pick up.
19-Sep-2018Fall River, MA+14 milesItems Wanted
Looking for conference room table with chairs. high drafting style chairs and any other office type furniture
19-Sep-2018Fall River, MA+14 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for a 30" dog crate hopefully with double doors. I'm giving away a 24" one. fast pu promised.
19-Sep-2018Easton, MA+8 milesItems Wanted
Being an avid gardener, I'm lost without my heat mat since it kicked the bucket. Also looking for some grow lights. So I'm already thinking ahead for next season with hopes that somebody has either that they could spare. Thanks bunches!
looking for a full/queen bed for my niece with headboard and frame thank you in advance
If you have a spare grow light or seedling heat mat, I'd be more than happy to take it off your hands.
19-Sep-2018Canton, MA+18 milesItems Wanted
Hello! I'm looking for a desk on the smaller size. Would have to fit it into a Ford sedan. Thanks!
19-Sep-2018Canton, MA+18 milesItems Wanted
We need tons of Lego pieces to build a custom Lego project. All colors appreciated, white and gray need the most. Thanks
19-Sep-2018Canton, MA+18 milesItems Wanted
a non-profit Jamaica Plain Community organization seeking a light industrial cleaner
I was hoping that you might have a spare grow light set-up that you don't need that I could pick up. The same goes for seedling heat mats seeing mine died. Will pick up. I really appreciate it.
Any one have a usable compost bin they have given up on using! Thanks in advance
If you have a large puzzle table or board (1,000 pieces or over) you no longer use, I would be happy to have it. Thanks for reading.
If you have any difficult adult jigsaw puzzles, I will be happy to receive them. Thanks.
I'm needing a blender.
My 11-year-old grandson is looking for nerfgun. Perhaps someone has some no longer used by older child. Would be well appreciated. Thank you in advance.
I am in need of blood pressure monitor. Any type as long as it works. Need it for my mother recently diagnosed with high blood pressure. You can also text me 7817670329 Thanks
19-Sep-2018Attleboro, MA+13 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for a fitbit that is in good condition and works. Thank you
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